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Not sure which sponge to get, choose our dual pack one soft sponge and one firm sponge. See which is better for your skin

Chic Beaute Sponges are: Cruelty-free. Contains no parabens, no sulfates, no fragrances, and safe to use on all skin types/sensitive skin. Our sponges are soft, yet effective and for some gentle enough for daily use. Gently lift dry and dull skin cells without the use of harsh exfoliating facial scrubs.

With regular use our sponge will: Improve the feel, tone and texture of your skin. Made for the face our gentle, yet effective sponge will exfoliate your skin removing dirt, excess make-up, impurities, and dead skin cells, leaving you with smooth, radiant skin. Removing all of those impurities prepares your skin to absorb any facial products you use. Giving you maximum use out of your products. Chic Beaute's Exfoliation Sponge is a great addition to you skin routine. 

Chic Beaute's Exfoliating Sponges: Help prevent blackheads and eliminate breakouts, From the removal of your dead skin cells which promote new healthy skin growth.

Chic Beaute's Design: Made with a opening at the bottom of the sponge, you can put your favorite face cleaner inside