Sponge Care

NOTE.... It's totally normal for sponges to change color due to air, lighting, water, and cleanser  

Sponge Use/Care Instructions:

  • Precautions: Do not use on irritated, sunburned or broken skin. Do not use on moles. If irritation occurs, discontinue use. Do not use on infants.
  • When cleansing is complete, rinse sponge thoroughly, hang to dry and store in a cool, ventilated area. Replace every 2 to 3 months.
  • Never store wet facial sponges in a damp, enclosed place. This encourages the growth of mold and bacteria. While it is natural for facial sponges to break down after many uses, storing them properly will make them last longer.
  • If you fail to store your sponges or clean them properly, the bacteria and fungi that build up on their surface can spread to your skin. This may cause a number of problems such as infection, redness, swelling, and even breakouts.
  • While using facial sponges may benefit the whole family, each family member should have his or her own sponge in order to keep their beauty and skin care regimen as hygienic as possible.
  • While most sponges are designed to last about 90 days, inspect yours carefully after each use. Look for tears, discoloration, and holes. If you notice any of these, replace the sponge immediately, as you may be damaging your skin with harmful bacteria that can grow inside the sponge material.