Exfoliating for Guys


Heres When You Should Exfoliate.....

  • Its Best to exfoliate before shaving!  “Exfoliating removes dirt and dead skin cells from the surface of the skin, unclogs your pores, which allows the razor to glide smoothly over the skin giving you closer shave.
  • Exfoliating before shaving LIFTS the hairs, making for a painless shave (NOTE.... If your hairs are lying flat against your face when you shave, the razor is going to tug on them, not cutting neatly through them).
  •  Exfoliating before shaving gives your shaving lather the opportunity to cozy up against the skin and provide more protection against razor bumps and irritation.
  • Exfoliating AFTER SHAVING!  Isn’t the best idea, since your freshly shaved skin will likely be sensitive or cut in certain places. Besides making everything burn, exfoliating directly after shaving will most likely irritate the skin and cause excess redness. 
  • Now take our exfoliation challenge! Exfoliate before you shave to see the difference, and enjoy your ingrown hair, razor bump free radiant skin.